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i’ve seen a lot of people make posts talking about how It Gets Better is bad, like really bad, and the message it sends is bad and its useless and awful, and the people in charge of it are also awful

while maybe the message of privileged white people telling everyone that it got better for them is something you dont see as effective and good and powerful of a message as it could be, other people might be helped a lot by it

and if a privelaged white gay person saying that their life got better eventually helps someone, makes them want to live through to see if it actually does get better, to not kill themselves, or even just the courage to come out and tell people and lift the weight of it off their shoulders

then to me its far from useless, ok

yes it doesn’t cover every identity and orientation under the sun and every trouble a kid might have about themselves while growing up and in that sense, yes, the message is quite useless for a gay person to be telling you that it got better for them when your problem is that you’re not gay, you’re one of the many many other complicated orientations or identities or some other things i don’t understand 

don’t dismiss the entire thing because it doesn’t cover every area a LGBT organization should cover or even if “It gets better” does absolutely nothing to help you personally, because while that may be true it could very well mean the world to someone else and in that sense it’s a very good thing


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    this is a good post. the it gets better campaign does tend to focus on white gay kids specifically, yeah, but the idea...
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    Slaves I agree
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    Ya same opinion. If it saves one person than it’s far from useless, even if it’s just ONE person.
  8. dippidy said: i dont like dan savage at all but i think it’s a good message and whenever anyones all IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING!! i :( at them
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