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hi im slaves!!! yeah PSA im using now instead of this ,nerd

art """art""" comics

i get a lot of compliments on my coloring and how i use colors and choices of colors and sometimes people ask me how i go about coloring

im really stinky poopy diaper bad at giving art advice because im bad at teaching anything in general, but!! ill try to say something important

ok, so you know when you color, you usually lay down base colors and work from there, adding in the shading and lighting and all that jazz. or you add in your lights and darks and fill it in from there. or really do whatever because there are lots of ways to go about coloring 

but anyway when you start adding in shading and whatnot, be…different with the colors you choose!

dont go “ok, to add shading onto green i use a dark green directly below the base green i just chose. to lighten green i use a light green directly above the base green.”

thats so BORING!!!

instead, go “what if instead of a dark green i used a dark blue-green to make this darker. what if to make it lighter i use yellow.” 

and you dont have to get it right on the very first time, either! it can be a trial and error thing, its perfectly legal to do that. 

its also nice if you have a good about of contrast too. have some really dark darks and some really light lights. that way itll make things pop more and draw the eyes to all the great colors you chose using Tumblr User Naughtyformore(Naughtyformoms)’s “Tips On Coloring”, coming to a store near you this birthday.

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